One Coat | OneCoat is enough
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Floors & Walls all over Europe are coated with OneCoat.

Saving time

For floors: One single application is enough to provide a long lasting and durable protection against soiling, stains and chewing gum  with an attractive finish, with a life expectancy of 6 to 18 months, when renewed, no stripping is required, just clean and reapply OneCoat.

Due to the easy to clean properties of OneCoat maintenance cleaning time is reduced with up to 50%.

For painted surfaces: One single application of OneCoat to internal painted walls provides easy to clean protection against soiling, stains, and graffiti for more than 10 years, OneCoat will allow more than 50 removals of graffiti without damage to the surface.

Saving the environment

For floors: The high coverage of OneCoat saves on packaging, transport, and disposal of packing material, less water and less chemicals are used when cleaning OneCoat protected surfaces with the OneMop System.

For painted surfaces: A doubling of the life expectancy of painted surfaces can be expected, prolonging re-painting cycles. OneCoat protected surfaces can normally be cleaned with OneWipe and water only.

Labour saving

Due to the easy to clean properties of OneCoat labour hours will be saved, workers welfare will also improve with less heavy lifting and strenuous work.

Saving money

Less labour hours, less product consumption, less stock, less shipping cost = Saving money.

OneCoat – 3 different grades.

OneCoat Floor & wall: Suitable for most non porous flooring materials, such as linoleum, ceramic tiles, rubber and plastic flooring materials, providing long lasting easy to clean floors.

As well as most emulsion painted wall surfaces, providing exceptional long life protection against soiling, stains and graffiti, economical single application.

OneCoat Interior: Mainly for interior surfaces such as powder coated, Formica, GRP, wood, plastic and metals. Protects against surface derogation, soiling, stains and graffiti. Also revitalises colour and original appearance, long life and easy to clean.

OneCoat Exterior: Specially formulated for trains, busses, trams, plant equipment and other objects exposed to pollution, staining and graffiti. Exceptional hard wearing coating with a smooth high gloss finish. OneCoat Exterior have a high UV resistance and will also bring back depth of colour on faded surfaces. Long life and

The problem

Over time all surfaces degrade and becomes dull, losing its original appearance and protective properties.
ONECOAT was developed to provide a solution to this problem, ONECOAT protected surfaces can most of the time double the life expectancy of many surfaces in addition to providing extra protection and with easy to clean properties, drastically reducing cost of maintenance or premature replacement.

Our mission

Our mission is to bring products to the market that will maintain, protect and improve on surface’s life expectancy, save time and money, protecting workforce and the environment.

Outstanding technology

To fulfil our mission, we have created outstanding technology with dedicated world class scientists that have created, evaluated and tested our products to fulfil and exceed customers’ expectations.